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Wednesday, 14 December 2022

[Upcoming Event] Nancy Sit & Friends Concert LIVE in Malaysia 2023 《送給你黃金萬兩演唱會》

 [Upcoming Event] Nancy Sit & Friends Concert LIVE in Malaysia 2023 《送給你黃金萬兩演唱會》


Kuala Lumpur, December 2022 - Nancy Sit 薛家燕 is a Hong Kong actress who rose to prominence as a teen idol in the 1960s. Sit hasn't appeared in a film in nearly five years, but she agreed to reprise her role in the drama series Golden Taels.


Sit plays a wealthy and prosperous woman in this drama series, alongside Raymond Cho, Mayanne Mak, Hugo Wong, Katy Kung, Mark Ma, and Kaman Kong, who play her sons and daughter in laws, respectively. Sit's character is forced to take out the family heirloom in the hopes of resolving the dispute between the three brothers and discovering the true meaning of brotherhood in the process.


Sit's greatest wish is that everyone has a good time watching the performance during the New Year. Get ready to laugh and smile as Sit and her friends perform a comedic skit about the importance of harmony and kinship within the family.


The concert will be featuring the actors from the drama including Nancy Sit 薛家燕, Raymond Cho曹永廉, Mayanne Mak麥美恩, Hugo Wong黃子恆, Kaman Kong江嘉敏andL.


The details of the concert is as per below:

Nancy Sit & Friends Concert LIVE in Malaysia 2023 《送給你黃金萬兩演唱會》

Date: 25th March 2023 (Saturday)

Time: 8.30pm

Venue: Arena Of Stars, Resorts World Genting

Ticketing: Starts on Sales from 19th December 2022 (Monday) onwards

VIP – RM 588, PS1 – RM 458, PS2 – RM 338, PS3 – RM 228, PS4 – RM 158

(Ticketing price does not include the processing fee of RM 4)



For more info about the concert and ticketing, you may visit rwgenting.com or BookMyShow website my.bookmyshow.com


For more info, please visit MIC Entertainment Group FB Page: www.facebook.com/MICEntertainmentGroup and Topmic Events FB Page www.facebook.com/topmic.events 





(吉隆14日訊)港星薛家燕、曹永廉、麥美恩、黃子恆、江嘉敏和大L合作古裝賀歲喜劇《黃金萬両》後,將於明年 3 25 日(星期六)來馬舉辦《送給你黃金萬兩演唱會》,屆時除了大拋笑彈、與大馬觀眾分享拍攝趣事外,也會帶來首首動聽的粵語歌曲。






由金爺爺呈獻, MIC 娛樂主辦, T.O.P协办的《送給你黃金萬兩演唱會》將於 2023 3 25 日,晚上 8 30 分在雲頂世界雲星劇場舉行。門票將於 12 19 (星期一)中午12点公开发售,票價分為588 零吉(VIP)458 零吉(PS1)338 零吉(PS2)228 零吉(PS3) 158 零吉 (PS4),票價不含4零吉手續費。欲購票或查詢更多演唱會詳情,請瀏覽雲頂世界網站 rwgenting.comBookMyShow 網站my.bookmyshow.com


请关注和追踪MIC娱乐(MIC Entertainment Group)脸书www.facebook.com/MICEntertainmentGroup ,及Topmic Events脸书https://www.facebook.com/topmic.events 以获取最新消息和更新。


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