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Tuesday, 20 December 2022

[Press Conference] Call Me Agent 《我要做特务》

 [Press Conference] Call Me Agent 《我要做特务》


Petaling Jaya, December 2022 – The film "Call Me Agent 《我要做特务》" which was shot in 2018 with the collaboration of Hong Kong and Malaysian filmmakers, will finally be released on the big screen. The film's release date has been pushed back for several years due to the COVID19 pandemic. The film is directed by two directors: Eric Lam 蓝兆基 from Hong Kong and Michael Chuah 蔡业翰from Malaysia. Dramovie Group Hong Kong and Evo Pictures Malaysia produced the film. The movie is also produced by Gabriel Wong 黄一山 and Sammy So 庖丁 (Hong Kong).


Sammy So hopes that the film will be well received by the public, so that it can allow him to pursue more collaboration projects between Malaysia and Hong Kong.


The film's casting was done in Malaysia to find the main characters. Mimi Chu, Vincent Luk 陆俊贤, Po Yiu Wong 黄宝瑶, Yoyo Pun 潘瑶, and Kiddie Tsang 曾颂珊 from Hong Kong star in the film, as does Belle Lee from Malaysia.


Michael Chuah says he is honoured to be able to participate in this collaboration with Hong Kong because he has always enjoyed watching Hong Kong films since he was a child.


The film will finally be released on 22nd December 22, and the Hong Kong team will be in Malaysia for the entire month to promote it.


Po Yiu Wong expresses her gratitude for the opportunity to star in the film, stating that she did not expect to be chosen in the project's audition, and that being chosen as the female lead was a dream come true for her.


Vincent Luk, who has been praised by the producer and director for his commitment and dedication, plays a secret agent in the film, and because the film contains a number of action sequences, both main actors spent months training for the action scenes in Hong Kong and Malaysia.


“Call Me Agent” tells the story of Miu Ling (Po Yiu Wong), a young woman who aspires to be a secret agent. Despite the fact that it appears impossible, she continues to harbour such a dream and hopes that it will come true in the future.


She saves an injured secret agent Wing (Vincent Luk), who promises to make her his apprentice. Her life is turned upside down from then on, and she embarks on a wild ride of adventures.


Be sure to catch the movie “Call Me Agent” in your nearest cinema this 22nd December 2022!



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