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Friday, 21 October 2022

[Entertainment] Media Prima CNY 2023 MV Shoot Media Visit & Media Group Interview (Dual Language)

 [Entertainment] Media Prima CNY 2023 MV Shoot Media Visit & Media Group Interview (Dual Language)


Kuala Lumpur, October 2022 – In conjunction with the upcoming Lunar Year of Rabbit 2023, Media Prima mandarin TV Station 8TV 八度空间, mandarin radio station 8FM, WOWSHOP, websites Rojaklah, Viralcham, TTN 谈谈网 will work hand to hand in promoting 2023 Chinese New Year Activities and Music Album themed 《活力满分Love You兔》. 24 artistes will be featured as promoting ambassadors.


“Post pandemic, everyone is still adapting to the new norm. Media Prima wishes to convey warmth and hope through the 2023 Chinese New Year event 《活力满分Love You兔》. Simultaneously, we have planned a number of physical celebration activities and wonderful special programmes to energise next year's Spring Festival and bring more joy to everyone.”


The 24 forementioned CNY 2023 artistes include:

Owen叶剑锋、王菁忆、陈丽亭、Natalie小玉、Ash卢信宥、Jan秦雯彬、Desmond郑瑞钥、Rickman谢承伟、Orange 陈慧恬、Royce陈志康、Angeline 黄玉丽、Hana张心怡、陈嘉荣、Emerson连扬贤、X.Long魏少泷、Charlotte萧心韵、Emily蔡瀞萱、朱宇婕、Houson黄侯升、Bryan林宏彦、Victoria黄诗琦、Minsley曾谊雯、 Loh罗辰昱、Gino王贤耀


Interviews with the artistes:

Owen "complained" that his clothes were too thick and that he would be very sweaty while filming the music video. He's also concerned because the dance this year is particularly difficult. On the other hand, Ong Ching Yee who is also present at the music video shooting demonstrated the dance and it seems like an easy job.


Rickman also expressed that the rhythm for the dance this time is a bit faster and it is relatively more difficult as age is catching up. He also informed that there are many new generation artistes who are taking part in this upcoming CNY activities. Orange informed that she is planning to celebrate Chinese New Year with her husband in Hong Kong next year.


In the end, media members get to have sneak peak on the filming of the music video! Really looking forward for the complete version of the music video!


首要媒体2023年新春活动主题《活力满分Love You兔》

配合2023癸卯兔年的到来,首要媒体旗下全马收视率第一的中文电视台八度空间,与中文电台8FM、居家购物平台WOWSHOP、网站RojaklahViralchamTTN谈谈网,联手打造2023年新春活动和同名贺岁专辑《活力满分Love You兔》,动员24位艺人参与,担任新春活动宣传大使。


全球迈入后疫情时代,人民还在适应新常态的过程中,首要媒体希望透过2023年新春活动《活力满分Love You兔》传递温暖与希望,让国人每天充满活力,从容应对生活上的各种挑战。同时,我们也准备了一系列实体欢庆活动、精彩特备节目,为明年春节注入更多活力,给国人提供更多欢乐!”——八度空间首席营运员傅传亿



1.Owen叶剑锋、王菁忆、陈丽亭、Natalie小玉、Ash卢信宥、Jan秦雯彬、Desmond郑瑞钥、Rickman谢承伟、Orange 陈慧恬、Royce陈志康、Angeline 黄玉丽、Hana张心怡、陈嘉荣、Emerson连扬贤、X.Long魏少泷、Charlotte萧心韵、Emily蔡瀞萱、朱宇婕、Houson黄侯升、Bryan林宏彦、Victoria黄诗琦、Minsley曾谊雯、 Loh罗辰昱、Gino王贤耀


出席MV拍摄当天的包括叶剑锋。他投诉自己的服装很厚,他不敢想象出外景拍摄时会不会满头大汗他也很担心今年会成为老鼠屎因为MV的手势舞不简单。在场的王菁忆现场示范兔兔手势舞,显得其实蛮Easy Job. 叶剑锋无奈说, 会跳舞的人当然不难。


谢承伟也告诉媒体朋友这次的节奏比较块,年纪大了,学舞步也比较难一些。他也透露今年多了很多新人参与。 老公是香港人的陈慧恬说明年希望可以去香港和老公一起过年。



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