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Saturday, 10 September 2022




Kuala Lumpur, September 2022 – Jointly presented by Yoodo and Great Eastern, ACO Media & Hitman Solutions in partnership with The WonderLand+ have brought us (G)I-DLE WORLD TOUR JUST ME in KUALA LUMPUR on 9th September 2022!


Our team is honored to be able to attend the show thanks to Bio-essence Malaysia for the VIPs tickets! We get to enjoy and scream our lungs out along with other Neverlands at Zepp Kuala Lumpur!


Kicking Off The Show, “Oh My God”!

The show began on time at 8.30pm with the incredible track of “Oh My God”! The girls from (G)I-DLE including So-yeon, Mi-Yeon, Minnie, YuQi and Shu Hua have wowed the audiences with their impressive stage performance! The show's ambience and atmosphere were only heightened by subsequent performances of "Villain Dies" and "LATATA"!


Intermissions with members’ self introduction!

The girls from G(I)-DLE has introduced themselves to the Malaysian Neverlands in very adorable ways of their own. YuQi and Shu Hua spoke Mandarin as well, knowing that many of the local Neverlands spoke it. They also wished the Neverlands a "Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!" Every time G(I)-DLE spoke to the fans on stage, it felt so heartwarming because they are so friendly!


(G)I-DLE then enthralled the audience with "Blow Your Mind," "Senorita," "DUMDi DUMDi," and "Luv U"! They also involve the fans into the performance by instructing the Neverland to sing along to "DUMDi DUMDi"!


Several pre-recorded videos were also shown on stage during the girls' intermissions when they went backstage for costume changes. They also revealed to the fans that HANN (Alone in winter) actually tells a story that has connection with their other songs.


The heat and excitement further escalated with the following tracks of “Lion”, “Liar”, “My Bag”, “Pop/Stars” and “Tomboy”! The peak was definitely during the performances of “My Bag” and “Tomboy”! (G)I-DLE has taught the fans to dance along for “My Bag” and sing along the iconic lines for “Tomboy”!


The surprise for the show was when all the Neverlands pulled out the card showing “Happy Birthday to YuQi”! YuQi expressed that she didn’t expect this scenario. Coincidentally, her lunar birthday actually fell on the same date as the concert. So, it was indeed her birthday that day if based on lunar calendar. 

The girls then proceeded with 2 encore songs before the superb concert has come to an end!


Our team from wljack.com really enjoyed the show very much. Once again, we would like to thank Bio-Essence Malaysia for making our dreams to watch (G)I-DLE concert come true!  


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