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Saturday, 27 August 2022

[Upcoming Event] “How the Gimquat Found Her Song”

 [Upcoming Event] “How the Gimquat Found Her Song”


Come and be a part of the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra's (MPO) adventurous musical offerings on Saturday, 3 September 2022 at 11.30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. at Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS (DFP), KLCC.

In these concerts, the MPO will collaborate with Platypus Theatre. Since 1989, the organisation has introduced classical music to nearly one million young people. With 650 performances with more than 75 orchestras worldwide, the company has established itself as one of North America's premier music education theatre companies.


The group has previously performed with the MPO in similar family-themed concerts at DFP and is back with How the Gimquat Found Her Song. The concerts revolve around a rare-discouraged Gimquat bird with no voice who embarks on a journey with a wizard to discover her unique voices. Join the Gimquat and the MPO as they take the audience on a musical journey through the last 1,000 years in search of the perfect song.



One of Platypus Theatre's most popular family concert productions is “How the Gimquat Found Her Song”. Audiences will rejoice as the MPO and the Gimquat explore various musical styles from Vivaldi and Mozart to Bach and Ravel over the years. The MPO will perform Bizet's Carmen Suite No. 1 - Prelude, Berlioz's Mother Goose Suite, Offenbach's Can Can, Gregorian Chant, and Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro Overture, among other works.



Naohisa Furusawa, the MPO's Resident Conductor, will lead the concert. The concerts are appropriate for adults and children aged 4 and up. In these dazzling musical adventures, you can laugh, chant, and sing along!




The concerts are available for purchase at https://www.mpo.com.my/2022season/how-the-gimquat-found-her-song. For the most recent updates, please visit www.mpo.com.my or the MPO social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok).


Concert Details


‘How the Gimquat Found Her Song’



Saturday, 3 September 2022 at 11:30 am and 2:30 pm



Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS


Orchestra / Conductor / Presenter
Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra

Naohisa Furusawa conductor
Platypus Theatre presenter


Ticket Prices

C Reserve: RM75, B Reserve: RM108, A Reserve: RM148 and Premium: RM168

Suite: RM228/seat & RM288/seat


Box Office Hours

Tuesdays to Saturdays: 10:30 am – 6:30 pm, 9:00 pm on performance nights

Sundays: 12:00 noon to performance time
(closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays unless if there is a concert scheduled)


Telephone Bookings: 03-23317007

Email Bookings: boxoffice@dfp.com.my

MPO website: www.mpo.com.my

Facebook & Instagram: @malaysianphilharmonicorchestra

YouTube: MPO TV

Spotify: MPO

TikTok: @malaysianphilharmonic


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