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Tuesday, 24 September 2019

[Entertainment News] 2020 AIM中文音乐颁奖典礼 New Record of Registered Nominations!

[Entertainment News] 2020 AIM中文音乐颁奖典礼 New Record of Registered Nominations!

Kuala Lumpur, September 2019 – The registration for nominations in one of the most anticipated Mandarin Music Awards in Malaysia,2020 AIM 中文音乐颁奖典礼》 is closed on the dateline of 17th September 2019. This time around, the number of registration for 24 awards have achieved a new record of over 1000 registrants. The result of the final nominees is going to be revealed on November 2019!

Shio 郭修彧 and Namewee黄明志 are the two names which have topped the number of registered nominations. On the other hand, Red People, 海螺音乐 and Universal Music环球音乐 are the recording labels with most registered nominations.

Another highlight would be the award for 【最佳新人奖】(Best Newcomers). The registered nominees who will be competing for the award include Jeryl Lee李佩玲, Daniel车志立, Priscilla Abby蔡恩雨, Kho Sock Ling邱诗凌 and etc. It’s definitely going to be a very competitive awards show!

2020 AIM 中文音乐颁奖典礼》 is taking place next year 4th January 2020, 8pm at Menara PGRM, Star Convention Centre.

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