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Tuesday, 2 July 2019



Kuala Lumpur, July 2019 – Last weekend was definitely a great weekend for the BUDDYs as their idols GFRIEND has come over to Stadium Malawati on 29th June 2019 for their 2019 GFRIEND ASIA TOUR [GO GO GFRIEND!] IN KUALA LUMPUR! The show was brought to you by MacpiePro who has just organized Monsta X “We Are Here” Tour In Malaysia recently! (https://www.wljack.com/2019/07/kpop-entertainment-monsta-x-we-are-here.html )

The sweet and lovely girl group GFRIEND who consisted of 6 members including Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, SinB, and Umji have enthralled 4,300 BUDDYs during their concert last week at Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam. The concert lasted approximately 2 hours plus and all of the fans were treated with a total of 25 songs.

Kicking off with “Me Gustas Tu”, the girls have totally caught the heart of their fans with their adorable performance! Loud screams could be heard from the audience as they performed on stage. The show then followed with the performance of “LIFE IS A PARTY”, “VACATION”, “GLOW”, “TRULY LOVE” and “Love in the air”. Apart from singing very well, the girls also amazed the fans with their lovely dance moves! The show also featured visually-stunning multimedia background!

The show has a number of intermissions between a few songs. During these intermissions, they showed interesting footage. Some highlighted GFRIEND’s wish for their fans. While some also provide cute footage of how the group debuted into sub-units known as “World Peace” and “Hug Hug”. There was even a GFRIEND’s Parody Version of “Infinity War” and “End Game”. Besides, the girls also greeted the fans with Bahasa Malaysia on and off! And their pronunciations of the words were quite accurate!

After the first segment, the group continued to mesmerize the fans with their songs such as “Love Whisper”, “Windy Windy”, “You are my star” and “A Starry Sky”. Following the intermission footage which introduces them as subunits, Hug Hug Subunit performed Shy Boy while World Peace Subunit performed Monday Blues. Each subunit has its own traits which have captivated the fans.

They then recombine again and proceeded with other melodic songs including “You Are Not Alone”, “Only 1”, “L.U.V”, “Rough”, “Flower Garden”, “Sunrise”, “Time For The Moon Night”.

The last segment performance includes “Memoria”, “Flower”, “Crush”, “Fingertip” and “Navillera”.

Encore! Buddy Loves GFRIEND!
Finally, the girl group reappeared again on stage with a total of 3 encore songs including “Hope”, “Love Bug” and “Compass”. Overall, the concert was really awesome and I am pretty sure the fans have enjoyed it very much!

Million thanks to MacpiePro for bringing more and more great Kpop Events to Malaysia! Looking forward for more greatness to come from MacpiePro!

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