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Friday, 9 March 2018

[Explore] PlayTime! Video Games Park @ Sky Avenue, Genting Highlands

[Explore] PlayTime! Video Games Park @ Sky Avenue, Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands, March 2018 – Apart from all of the other attractions at Big Box, Sky Avenue, if you are keen for some classic arcade fun, you can check out the new and classic games at Playtime! Video Games Park.

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Built For Arcade Lovers!
Still remember those good ol’ times whereby you have a virtual car race with your friends, beat your friend over an arcade fighting game, be a sharpshooter with your friends at Time Crisis or even have a fun ride on Jurassic Park Arcade? You can now relive those moments again at Playtime! Video Games Park.

The PlayTime! Video Games Park promises the best range of cutting edge games for arcade lovers! One of the games that would definitely catch your attention is “The Spacetime Squad Virtual Reality” game! In the game, players must try to stay alert whilst a horde of flying evil robot destroyers and their bosses attack from every side! It’s such a refreshing arcade experience with the inclusion of Virtual Reality gaming!

Another top of the line games are the highly competitive PacMan Battle Royale with a cannibalistic element of ‘eating’ opponents; the Jurassic Park where players can try to battle their way through 9 exciting missions and meet over 30 species of dinosaurs along the way; the Star Wars Battle Pod where players battle their way through the original iconic trilogy and Storm Racer G for those who love speed. All the games are played using a cashless system with the EZiCash card.

This is a place for you to have fun with your children or your friends if you hope to relish the moment of arcade joy!

For more information, call +603 6101 1118 or visit www.rwgenting.com.

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