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Saturday, 17 February 2018

[Performing Arts] Shakespeare Demystified: ROMEO & JULIET

[Performing Arts] Shakespeare Demystified: ROMEO & JULIET

Kuala Lumpur, February 2018 - For the eighth year running, theatre-in-education KL Shakespeare Players (KLSP) offers to secondary-and-university students its engaging and illuminating performances of the Bard’s plays. The company will stage Shakespeare Demystified: Romeo & Juliet (SD:R&J) this year around.

KL Shakespeare Players and The Actors Studio Teater Rakyat present
Pentas 2, klpac Ground Floor, Sentul Park, Jalan Strachan, 51100 Kuala Lumpur

Dates & Times       
24-28 Apr 2018 @ 8.30pm
28-29 Apr 2018 @ 3pm

Ticket Price            
RM55, RM 45 (for students)

Education Group Bookings (Minimum 40 seats purchased): RM40

*Extra day shows available upon request

Stage 2, penangpac Level 3A, Quay 1, Straits Quay, Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang, Tanjung Tokong, 10470 Pulau Pinang

Dates & Times       
3-5 May 2018 @ 8.30pm                            
6 May 2018 @ 3pm.

Ticket Price            
RM45, RM 35 (for students)

Education Group Bookings           (Minimum 40 seats purchased): RM30

*Extra day shows available upon request

Call / Walk-In
klpac @ Sentul Park (+603-40479000)
penangpac @ Straits Quay (+604 899 1722 / 2722)

Online / Walk-In      
ticketpro.com.my / Ticketpro locations

www.theactorstudio.com.my | www.klpac.org/ |
www.penangpac.org | www.klshakespeare.com.my

(Penang) www.facebook.com/events/1601212176611448/
(Kuala Lumpur) www.facebook.com/events/1550042205090967/    
(SD Page) www.facebook.com/ShakespeareDemystified

Production Manager: Lim Kien Lee
Assistant PM: Zul Zamir
Director: Lim Kien Lee
Lim Soon Heng                               
Hana Nadira                        
Ali Alasri                   
Ivan Chan
Safia Hanifah
Phraveen Arikiah
Stage Manager: Zul Zamir

Everyone knows of Romeo & Juliet as their names tease thoughts of young star-crossed lovers and their tragic end. Trapped by the feud between their families--the Montagues and the Capulets--their lives seem to tumble into an inevitable and ill-fated tragedy. The apparent “good” coming out of that “misadventured” is that they “bury their parents’ strife”.

KLSP’s unique 100-minute abridgment of this Shakespeare’s play will peel back the layers, and unveil some issues that the tale may be a metaphor of. KLSP will keep its characteristic format of performing the key scenes in Shakespeare’s words and piecing the parts together into a coherent whole with a narrative glue in contemporary English (and with a sprinkling of our local mother tongues). It is during this narration that certain now-exotic words are explained, overlooked issues underscored, questioned raised, etc.

Always innovating, KLSP in its 2017 production of Shakespeare Demystified: Macbeth made music central in its performance. This time, the company will incorporate in SD:R&J not just music but also a more physical performance, driven by the practices and philosophy of physical theatre.   

Underscoring KLSP’s educational mission--each performance will conclude with a question-and-answer session which allows students to inquire, make comments as they engage with the play and the actors. This Q&A is also a favourite part for students attending our performances.

To create this production, KLSP has gathered a youthful cast: Hana Nadira, Ali Alasri, Safia Hanifa, Ivan Chan and Phraveen Arikiah. Soon Heng will play the patriarchal roles. The production is directed by Lim Kien Lee.

KL Shakespeare Players and The Actors Studio Seni Teater Rakyat will present Shakespeare Demystified: Romeo & Juliet from 24 - 29 April 2018 in Pentas 2, klpac; and 3 - 6 May 2018 in Stage 2, penangpac.

Ticket prices: for klpac RM55, RM45 (student-concession) and RM40 each for education groups of 40 and more. For penangpac: RM45, RM35 (student-concession) and RM30 each for education groups of 40 and more.

Extra day shows are available upon request by calling +6012-653-0987. For other inquiries call +603 4047 900 (klpac), +604 899 1722 / 2722 (penangpac) or +603 7880 7999 (ticketpro). Buy online at ticketpro.com.my.

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