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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

[Coverage] Ocean Celebration “海洋世界”

[Coverage] Ocean Celebration “海洋世界

Kuala Lumpur, April 2017 – Presented by Mega Ultimate & 台湾舞铃剧场, a grand Diabolo Dance Theatre Show (扯铃大型音乐剧) titled Ocean Celebration “海洋世界 was held on 11th March 2017, 8pm at Mega Star Arena. It was a show which combines music, dance and drama elements. Our team from wljack.com was given a golden opportunity to attend the show and witness the greatness of the Diabolo Performance.

Date: 11th March 2017
Time: 8pm
Venue: Mega Star Arena

Since 1986, a group of youthful performers pioneered Diabolo Dance Theatre (舞铃剧场) and brought a lot of excitement to the audiences.  Performing over 30 countries with over 1000 shows in total, the team still maintained their original passion and still continue to spread the joy and sentiments all over different countries.

Great Show with mesmerizing vocals and spectacular Chinee Yoyo Performance! 
Ocean Celebration海洋庆典】is one of the most loved Chinese Yoyo Musical Show involving characters like ocean goddess, clown fish and mermaids. It has a total of 10 scenes titled as “The First Ray of Dawn”, “The Mermaids”, “Clownfish”, “Cloud And Wind”, “Melody Under The Sea”, “Elves in the Dark”, “The Duet”, “Chasing Game”, “Perceive” and “Ocean Heart”.

Featuring Malaysian singer陈依依 as the Ocean Goddess, she has mesmerized the audience with her melodious voice and drown all of them into the oceanic atmosphere. Such a great tympanic pleasure!

Apart from singing performance, the highlights of the show was the awesome diabolo performance. Displaying a wide array of diabolo skills and techniques, all of the audiences were totally impressed. In addition to that, the show also featured drum play, acrobatic and dance performances. All of these made the show not just an ordinary diabolo show.

The Clown Fish Who Stole The Limelight!
No one would deny that the fat clownfish was the limelight of the show. Being a great diabolo performer as well, he doesn’t just show off his skill in Chinese yoyo. He was also a great comedian who has brought a lot of laughs to the crowd with his funny interaction, dramatic facial expression and sporting personality.

Even during the time of audience interaction and game session, the show was not dull at all because of his presence alongside his equally comedic sidekicks.

It was really a great show and we really enjoyed it very much!

For those of you who have missed the show, fret not, as the organizer Mega Ultimate has made an announcement post-show that they will be bringing the performance back to Malaysia again soon. So, do stay tuned for more info!

Ocean Celebration海洋庆典】is organized by Mega Ultimate& 舞铃剧场, co-organized by Plan 7 ProductionMega Star Arena as official venue.

Mega Ultimate官方网站
Mega Ultimate面子书/012-974 1011

舞铃剧场 马来西亚官方网站
舞铃剧场 面子书/ 03-89581150

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