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Saturday, 17 December 2016

[Interview] Kristal Tin田蕊妮 & Koni Lui呂慧儀 @ TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2016 Post-Event Press Conference

[Interview] Kristal Tin田蕊妮 & Koni Lui呂慧儀 @ TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2016 Post-Event Press Conference

Genting Highlands, December 2016 – TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2016 TVB馬來西亞星光薈萃頒獎典禮2016 has been successfully held on 26th November 2016 at Arena Of Stars, Genting Highlands. After the awards show, there was a post-event press conference whereby the media members get to interview the winners!

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Press Conference Session With Kristal Tin田蕊妮 & Koni Lui呂慧儀:

Q1: Kristal, you mentioned that the role you played in “My Lover from the Planet Meow” is very important? Can you share with us more?

Kristal Tin : “ When filming this show, something happened in my family. My mother just passed away that time. I have thought of not to continue with the filming. But I would like to thank my husband, Chapman To. He encouraged me to keep on acting in the drama. The drama consists of the original casts from the drama of “Ghost of Relativity鬼同你OT”. As part of the team, I shouldn’t quit working in it.”

“The role itself has also helped me bring back positivity in my life. It is a very memorable role for me. Thanks all the audiences for voting.”

Q2: Koni, your role in “House Of Spirits” really…noisy..what do you want to share?
Koni Lui: “I respected Kristal for her professionalism. Anyway, my character in House of Spirits is someone who is very silly but very optimistic.”

“The producer for the show is the same as the one “Fashion War”. I can’t believe that he would give me the role of this silly character because previously he casted me as a cool villain in Fashion War. Thanks audiences for supporting.”

“This is my 10th years in acting. I wanted to thank a lot of people especially my husband and my son. Thanks to my son, I have more motivation in my career. I hope to make my son proud.”

Q3: The award show is filled with tears especially when Jonathan Cheung won the award. I saw Kristal even stood up and took photos for him.

Kristal: “I knew Jonathan for a long time. His speech was very truthful and it has touched us all. He is a passionate actor. I helped him take photos because I think that this moment would meant a lot for him.”

Koni: “Apart from “House of Spirits”, I have collaborated with Jonathan before. I knew he is a very sincere person. We all felt very happy for him.”

Check out the video of Kristal Tin田蕊妮 & Koni Lui呂慧儀  during the post-event conference of TVB Star Awards 2016:

That’s all for the post-event interview with Kristal Tin田蕊妮 & Koni Lui呂慧儀.  Do stay tuned as we publish the interview articles with the remaining winners.

Me and Kristal Tin during the post-event conference of TVB Stars Awards 2016!

Me and Koni Lui during TVB Star Awards 2016 Post event conference!

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