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[Interview] Grace Chan 陳凱琳, Natalie Tang唐詩詠, Eliza Sam岑麗香 & Sisley Choi蔡思貝 @ TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2016 Post-Event Press Conference

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[Interview] Grace Chan 陳凱琳, Natalie Tang唐詩詠, Eliza Sam岑麗香 & Sisley Choi蔡思貝 @ TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2016 Post-Event Press Conference

Genting Highlands, December 2016 – TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2016 TVB馬來西亞星光薈萃頒獎典禮2016 has been successfully held on 26th November 2016 at Arena Of Stars, Genting Highlands. After the awards show, there was a post-event press conference whereby the media members get to interview the winners!

(Check out out coverage on the awards show here: )

Press Conference Session With Grace Chan 陳凱琳, Natalie Tang唐詩詠, Eliza Sam岑麗香 & Sisley Choi蔡思貝 :

Q: How do you all felt after winning the awards tonight?

Sisley Choi : “ I felt very grateful for winning the awards in Malaysia although it is the first time I attend the awards show here. Thanks to all of the people who have loved me all this time and thanks all of the fans.”

Eliza : “I am very glad that Mat Yeung can win the award tonight. He deserved it because he has put in a lot of effort. I am very happy too because managed to earn an award tonight although the drama I took part in was shown earlier in the year.”

“Many people have been very supportive and even teach me how to read the scripts because I can’t read Mandarin very well. So, the people whom I would like to thank would be infinite.”

Natalie: “I also felt blank when I received the award tonight because I thought that I wouldn’t have a chance in view of the same reason that the drama was shown in the beginning of year. I think it is a very meaningful role because it has many similarities with my real life.”

Grace: “Firstly, thank all of the media members because we are the last group of people to be interviewed. You all must be tired. Due to the brief moment on stage, I think I might have left out some people to thank to. I especially like tothank my parents. There are many ups and downs since my debut but my parents’ support have kept me going. Thanks for making me win an award tonight.”

All of the girls agreed that Jonathan’s speech was the most memorable moment during the awards show. His speech was very touching!

Check out the video on the post-event conference featuring Grace Chan, Natalie Tang, Eliza Sam & Sisley Choi:

That’s all for the post-event interview with Grace Chan 陳凱琳, Natalie Tang唐詩詠, Eliza Sam岑麗香 & Sisley Choi蔡思貝

Me and Natalie Tong

Me and Sisley Choi

Me and Eliza Sam

Me and Grace Chan

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