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Thursday, 30 June 2016

[Local Entertainment] Ntv7 Beautiful World《美丽新世界》Will Be Premiering On 15th July 2016 onwards!

[Local Entertainment] Ntv7 Beautiful World美丽新世界Will Be Premiering On 15桃花July 2016 onwards!

Kuala Lumpur, June 2016 – From 15th July 2016 onwards, every Friday 9.30pm, ntv7 will be showing a brand new local drama featuring renowned local artistes including Frederick Lee李洺中, Soo Wincci苏盈之, Jack Yap 叶朝明, Kyo庄仲维, Pauline陈俐杏, Jeffrey Cheng庄惟翔, Fabian吕志勤as well as“King of Drama视帝”Coby 庄可比,“Queen Of Drama视后”Remon Lim林奕廷, Wayne Chua蔡佩璇 & 吴美錡. The drama is titled as《美丽新世界》(Beautiful World.

Beautiful World featured 4 different main plots namelyCrow乌鸦》,Husband丈夫》,Doughnut甜甜圈》 and Mirror镜子》. Every plot consists of 4 episodes. Led by ntv7十大艺人 (the top 10 most popular local artistes), the drama touches on different perspective of life from every corner of the urbanized world in this days and age.

Some themes including rising population, unbalanced career life, neglected parents, fragile love relationship and etc will be tackled upon in this upcoming drama.

Here’s some still shots of the drama.
First PlotCrow乌鸦》
Featuring Frederick李洺中, Soo Wincci苏盈之 & Jeffrey庄惟翔.

Second Plot Husband丈夫》
Featuring Wayne蔡佩璇, Jack叶朝明 & Coby庄可比

Third PlotDoughnut甜甜圈》
Featuring Fabian吕志勤, Pauline陈俐杏& 吴美錡

Final PlotMirror镜子》
Featuring Kyo庄仲维, 温绍平 & 林奕廷

Don’t miss this interesting drama Beautiful World from 15th July 2016 onwards, every Friday, 9.30pm, only on your feel good channel, ntv7!

For more info, please visit:
ntv7 Facebook page: ntv7chinese

Now, you can also catch the drama via www.tonton.com.my.
As well as via paid channel 107 to watch ntv7.

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