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Sunday, 10 January 2016

[Local Entertainment] First《满吉Go Lucky》Album Promo Tour @ Jinjang Sin Thye Foo Yan Temple

[Local Entertainment] First《满吉Go LuckyAlbum Promo Tour @ Jinjang Sin Thye Foo Yan Temple

Kuala Lumpur, January 2016- one FM, ntv & 八度空间 under Media Prima have held a promo tour activity of 满吉Go Lucky” on 9th January 2016 at Kuala Lumpur Jinjang Sin Thye Foo Yan Temple and interacted with the fans in welcoming Chinese New Year 2016.

The artistes who have attended the promo tour include one FM DJ Nicholas翁书尉、Wayne唐纬颜、Yin 盈盈、Kyan林志遵、Angeline黄玉丽、Angel洪迎晶、Gigi 蕙绮,ntv7十大艺人Karena张惠虹、Pauline 陈俐杏,八度空间host Rickman谢承伟、Orange陈慧恬、Mei Sim 云镁鑫&Wind 李诗斌.

All 12 artistes have performed three songs from the Chinese New Year album《满吉Go Luckyincluding《财神老爷下凡了》、《欢乐年年》&《满吉Go Lucky. They have also given away merchandises to the fans!

In conjunction with《看我72变》which will be shown during Chinese New Year eve4 of the 8tv八度空间 host emcees谢承伟, 李诗斌, 云镁鑫& 陈慧恬 have spent 72 hours respectively to learn a performance. They have performed that specific performance in front of the public during the promo tour.

First Rickman has performed Water Ink Drawing, Wind on the other hand performed lion dance while Mei Sim performed calligraphy. Last but not least, Orange and Rickman also performed Chinese traditional stage performance 《红豆相思》 which has totally surprised all the fans!

The promo tours for《满吉Go Luckyalbum will be proceeding from to South and North of Malaysia. If you wanted to get up-close and personal with the DJs and artistes, do check out the dates and details below. Apart from being able to listen to them perform LIVE, you can also buy the limited merchandises during the promo tours.

16th January 2016
Kampung Layang-layang Basketball Court, Johor.

17th January 2016
Kg Permai Machap Umboo Field, Malacca.

23rd January 2016
Sungai Lui Basketball Court, Pahang

24th January 2016
Kampung Rimba Panjang Dewan,

30th January 2016
Kampung Pauh Setia Basketball court, Perlis

31st January 2016
Kampung Berapit Parking Centre, Bukit Mertajam, Penang

Do check out the promo tour at your place!

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(Photo credits to official photographers)

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