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Friday, 19 September 2014

[Upcoming Games] Final Fantasy 13 Trilogy Is Coming To PC!

[Upcoming Games] Final Fantasy 13 Trilogy Is Coming To PC!

Take note, all PC gamers! Lightning is making her way to your PC this coming October 2014!

I believe it is a dream comes true for many Final Fantasy fans who don’t own a last-generation consoles PS3 and Xbox 360. With the latest press release from Square Enix, they have confirmed that Final Fantasy 13 Trilogy will be making its way to PC users soon!


Final Fantasy 13 was a kick starter Final Fantasy game for the last generation consoles and have received many different remarks and critics from the game reviewers.

Personally, as a Final Fantasy fans (I have played almost all FF games from 1-13 plus spinoff series such as FF: Tactics), I think that the game is actually not bad although it is very different from the other main Final Fantasy games before FF13. I enjoyed playing the game, honestly!

Either way, PC gamers really deserved to give it a try on the trilogy! Remember to check out Square Enix online store and the Steam™ PC digital service on the following release date!

Release date for Final Fantasy 13: 9th October 2014
All games in the trilogy will be released by next Spring.

You can also pre-order now! (http://store.steampowered.com/app/292120)!

Let's explore Gran Pulse using your PC!

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