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Thursday, 7 August 2014

[Upcoming Event]《重案狙击》 “On The Brink” Promo Tour造势活动

[Upcoming Event]《重案狙击》 “On The Brink” Promo Tour造势活动

There will be a series of promo tour for ntv7 grand drama “重案狙击” On The Brink happening this August 2014. The original venue for the promo tour on 16th August 2014 has been changed to Selangor Klang Parade while the rest of the promo tour venues remained the same.

The details of the promo tour is as stated below:

9th August 2014(Sat)

双溪大年 Village Mall, Sungai Petani
槟城 Auto City Shop-In d'Park
10th August 2014(Sun)

太平Taiping Sentral Mall
怡保 Ipoh Parade

16th August 2014 (Sat)

巴生Klang Parade

17th August 2014 (Sun)

马六甲 Mahkota Parade

Aired every week from Monday till Thursday, 9pm via ntv7.《重案狙击》will be having a meet-the-fans tour from 2nd August 2014 onwards to every corners of Malaysia. There are a total of 7 promo activities. The first one has taken place last Saturday in Kuching, attracting more than thousands of fans who wanted to meet their favourite actors LIVE in front of them. The casts who have attended the promo tour include吴俐璇、陈凯旋、许亮宇、庄惟翔、秦雯彬、林佩琦&李承运.

This weekend, 《重案狙击》”On The Brink” casts will continue their tour towards north and will appear in Sungai Petani, Penang, Taiping and Ipoh. Next weekend, they will be doing the promo tour at Klang Parade and Mahkota Parade.

《重案狙击》 “On The Brink” is a drama that has featured justice, action and police theme as the background story. The drama is filled with intense moments that would draw the audiences into the show.

If you would like to meet the casts appearing in front of you, plus having a chance to play games or interact with them, remember to mark down the date, time and venue as stated above. Do attend the event and have fun with the artistes!

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