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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

[Official Media Release] “Special Female Force” Currently Doing Its Shooting!

[Official Media Release] “Special Female Force” Currently Doing Its Shooting!

Kuala Lumpur, 27 May 2014 - A highly anticipated inter-country movie, titled <Special Female Force>,  is currently doing it’s shooting. This movie is a joint-production by Malaysia’s Hotwer Entertainment, Hong Kong Sun Entertainment Culture, Pineapple Movie and Mainland’s Cash Flower Communication & G Media, with the women’s police force as the main theme.

<Special Female Force> is directed by Hong Kong director Wilson Kwok, with Charlie Wong as the producer.

The movie tells a story of a policewoman going undercover in a five-star hotel in Bangkok 25 years ago to investigate international terrorist, GuZhi Jin. During one of the fight, an explosion killed many female agents except sole survivor, the leader of the agents - Madam Fong, Gu managed to escape. Now, 25 years later, Madam Fong meets a group of girls whom she then trains as her apprentices.

The production have faced casting issue that ended with the excellent casting of Eliza Sam, Jeana Ho, Joyce Cheng, Cathryn Lee, Anita Chui and Jacky Choi. Malaysia’s very own beauty queen Chris Tong is also one of the casts and is currently undergoing a series of disciplinary forces training in preparation for the shoot.

Chris Tong has received various awards nominations in regards of her acting and popularity in the entertainment industry. She has not only gain achievements in the drama industry but also in movies. With her involvements in Hong Kong movie, <Kick Ass Girls> and also a telemovie alongside actress Charmaine Sheh last year, her performance in the <Girls’ Police Academy> is highly anticipated.

Besides the pretty casts, the movie will also involved a huge line up of artistes such as Kenneth Lo, Evergreen Mak, Jerry Lamb, Jade Leung, Terence Siufay, Edward Ma, Aaron Chow, Calinda Chan and many more.

This movie also involves local actor, Aaron Aziz. This is Aaron’s first involvement in a Chinese movie.

As the movie theme is ‘police force’, action scenes are inevitable. Therefore, actor Chin KaLok (who is also a good friend of the director) not only acts in the movie but also have his team taking on the responsibility as action instructors. With their professionalism and experience, exciting action scenes that will thrill the audience is highly anticipated.

Wilson Kwok’s previous works included TVB’s <Super Trio>, the <Miss Hong Kong> pageant, the <Mr Hong Kong> pageant, <Be My Guest>, <Beautiful Cooking> series, <Foodie 2 Shoes>etc and many more. He started getting involves in the movie industry in 2011 and his break comes when the series <LanKwai Fong> left a huge impression to the audience.

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