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Thursday, 1 May 2014

[Local Entertainment] Astro Star Quest 2014《Astro新秀大赛2014》 Top 18 Revealed

[Official Media Release] Astro Star Quest 2014Astro新秀大赛2014 Top 18 Revealed

The Long-Awaited List Is Finally Out! Full of Pleasant Surprises!

1st May 2014, Kuala Lumpur – After going through a series of internet and face-to-face audition, 74 contestants were chosen for the second round of Astro Star Quest 2014Astro新秀大赛2014. Now, the final top 18 names have been revealed! Apart from having contestants with different talents and charisma, there are also a lot of surprises this year! The most prominent one is the Malay girl contestant. She knows how to speak Cantonese and was able to impress the judges with her unique voice. She has entered into the top 18 contestant list.

Organized by Astro本地圈, MY FM as official radio station, Astro Star Quest 2014Astro新秀大赛》 is back for its 18th season! During the second round of the audition process, the judges Alex San, 周博华 & 何志健 have stated that the male contestants this year have performed better than the female contestants so far.

They have also mentioned that, a lot of the contestants this year have “18般才艺” (many talents). Most of them have skills in different musical instruments and etc. This has made the judges themselves feel anticipated for the contestants’ upcoming performances.

The 18 contestants who managed to get to the top for Astro Star Quest 2014 Astro新秀大赛2014 include

彭世豪(21 years old)、徐凯(19 years old)、许益凯(20 years old)、陈静宜(24 years old)、蔡耀晋(22 years old)、刘颖姗(21 years old)、周丽青(23 years old)、毛依敏(21 years old)、吴伟良(22 years old)、温汶骏(23 years old)、黄倾烘(22 years old)、丽安娜(22 years old)、李宜玲(24 years old)、王敏(23 years old)、何承耀(23 years old)、龚建华(21 years old)、黄昭团(21 years old & 林相浩(20 years old)。

丽安娜 who is a Malay girl, can speak Cantonese very fluently. She stated that she learnt how to speak Cantonese by watching Hong Kong Dramas. She has been praised by the judges for her singing skills. In addition, she has demonstrated her skills in musical instrument while singing with a strong vocal.


Apart from this, another surprise for Astro Star Quest this year is, Astro经典名曲歌唱大赛20131st runner-up 黄雪云’s son 彭世豪 is also one of the top 18 contestants. He has inherited his mother’s singing ability and has left a memorable impression for the judges.

Besides, the judges have also stated that some of the contestant including徐凯蔡耀晋 possess the charisma of becoming celebrities. Both of them have a very good complexion as well as great capability in singing. They believed that both of them might be the attention of the audience.



Astro Star Quest 2014Astro新秀大赛2014 has also invited three 赵洁莹, 颜慧萍& 赖淞凤 to be the元气大使 of the show. They will give support and share their experience with the contestants. For more information regarding the interaction between the元气大使 and the contestants, please visit: www.facebook.com/AstroStarQuest 

赵洁莹颜慧萍赖淞凤 - 元气大使

Worth mentioning is, the show this time has introduced new rules for the contestants for every round. (Rules are as mentioned below)


Remember to catch Astro Star Quest 2014 from 11th May 2014 onwards, every Sunday, 8pm, at Astro华丽台(第311频道)& Astro至尊HD(第310频道)!

For more info about Astro新秀大赛2014,please visit:

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