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Saturday, 26 April 2014

[Upcoming Event] Rynn Lim林宇中【捨得】Malaysia Promo Event大馬簽唱會

[Upcoming Event] Rynn Lim林宇中【捨得】Malaysia Promo Event大馬簽唱會
After 3 years since his last album,  金曲獎新人 talented singer Rynn Lim 林宇中 will be bringing his new album【捨得】 to meet the Malaysia fans who have been supporting him all the time. Apart from performing the new song during the promo event, he will also sign autograph for the fans.

He has debuted since 7 years ago and the last album he released was 3 years ago. Throughout these three years of hiatus, Rynn Lim宇中 has been focusing on his filming career and has taken part in a few Malaysia and China movies and dramas. He has received positive remarked and satisfactory outcome from his filming career.

Now, he is stepping back into music again. He understood that music production required a lot of effort and theres no guarantee that the efforts would be paid off. However, he has met the right team and right opportunity. Thus, he has no regrets that he is finally returning to the musical scene.

Rynn has gone through many changes throughout the past 7 years from being a singer to actor and etc. We have seen many sides of him over these years. Now, he has come back to his original passion in music. He stated that he will not change his enthusiasm and will not be easily influenced by the current trend of music. He will be presenting the music which is original to his own style.

For those of you who wish to meet Rynn in person, please dont miss his promotional events for his latest album《捨得》. The detail of his promo event is as stated below:

Rynn Lim林宇中【捨得】Malaysia Promo Event大馬簽唱會
26th April 2014 Saturday
3.00pm JB KSL City LG
7.00pm The Summit Batu Pahat

1st April 2014 (Thursday)
8.00pm Melaka, Mahkota Parade

9th May 2014 (Friday)
7.00pm UUM
新春晚會(Required Tickets Admission

10th May 2014 (Saturday)
9.00pm Raja Uda, Paprika

11th May 2014
2.00pm Taiping Sentral Mall

For more info, please visit The WonderLand+ Official Facebook Page: facebook.com/TheWonderLandPlus

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