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Friday, 20 December 2013

[Upcoming Movies] Official Trailers for "How to Train Your Dragon 2" and "Dawn of The Planet of The Apes"! Teaser for "The Expendables 3"!

This week has been a great week for all the people who love movies because the trailers of a few awesome movies have been released. Out of all those trailer clips, the two which I love the most are both sequels of the previously highly-rated movies. These upcoming films are "Dawn of Planet Of The Apes" and "How to Train Your Dragon 2"!

Official Trailer for "Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes"

Seems like Human and Apes are brought to the brink of war and Caesar seems to be leading his peers against the humans! Will the war stop after Caesar's previous owner meet him again? What will happen next?

This movie will be up on July 2014.

Official Trailer for "How To Train Your Dragon 2"

To be honest, "How To Train Your Dragon" is one of my favorite animation movie ever! So I am quite excited to see this latest trailer for the upcoming sequel!

It seems like Hiccup and Toothless are getting along even better than before and the vikings and dragons seem to be living very peacefully with each other! There is this new mysterious character who turned out to be Hiccup's "mother" and has been saving a lot of dragons. 

This sequel seems to be even more exciting because this time involves the war between men. Of course, dragons do play a part as well! 

"How To Train Your Dragon 2" will be in cinema on June 2014.

It is already very awesome to have both these trailers up for us! But awesomeness gets even better when the teaser for "The Expendables 3" is also up online! 

Teaser for "The Expendables 3"!

The band of action stars have a bigger line-ups now! But I can't recognize all though.
Hey, but where is Jackie Chan? I thought rumors said that Stallone was interested to recruit him in? Either way, I am looking forward for this movie nonetheless! :-)

"The Expendables 3" is scheduled to be out in 2014.

So, how do feel about these few trailers and teaser?
Which one you prefer the most? Apes? Dragons? or Old Men who Can Fight? 

And do you think the lineups for "The Expendables 3" is EPIC enough for you? If not, then who else do you wish to see in it?

Hope to hear some comments from you guys. :-)

(Photo credits: Official website of the movies) Published by WLJack.

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