Tuesday, 10 December 2013

[Local Entertainment] Zen俊倩粉Official Fans Club Was Formed! She thanked her fans via an Ukelele Performance!

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Zen俊倩粉Official Fans Club Was Formed!
She thanked her fans via an Ukelele Performance!

Zen俊倩singing medley of I’m Yours & Just The Way You Are”

Kuala Lumpur, 10th December 2013- In order to thank the fans for being so supportive, Zen俊倩has performed Ukelele with singing for the first time in the public. She said that, “Fans’ support is something which can’t be bought with money, that’s why their love for her is priceless and she felt very grateful for their support.”

Zen俊倩’s colleagues knew that she wanted to learn Ukelele. Thus, her friend has voluntarily spent some time with her and taught her how to play the instrument. Zen俊倩felt very touched. Besides, she has named the Ukelele as “小宝贝”. Ukelele is a very portable instrument. Hopefully she will be performing with her ukulele again next time!

Zen俊倩official fans club is formed!
Fans Gathered To Support Zen!
Since Zen俊倩debut, besides of having great support from media and sponsors, she has also received many supports from her fans. The fans wished to form a bigger community to support Zen, thus have approached the company to form an official fans club for Zen. They have had a fans gathering a few days ago for the launch of the official fans club and they have also designed a slogan for Zen, “Zen俊倩创造Z世代”.

10 Performances Within 30 days!
There is only 1 more month left in 2013, the music company has assigned a task to Zen俊倩, that is to perform in 10 events within this remaining 30 days. This is to let more people know about her. Zen 俊倩has promised the fans that she will continue to work hard and hopefully everyone can see a different Zen as time goes by.

Inviting Zen俊倩as performing guest!
If anyone is interested to invite Zen俊倩 as the performing guest for your events, you can email your event details to johnhew2973@gmail.com.

For more info, please visit Zen俊倩’s official facebook: 

Or 环东音乐Official Facebook page:

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