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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

[Press Conference] 倪安东Anthony Neely “Friends” Promo Tour @ Sunway Pyramid

[Press Conference] 倪安东Anthony Neely  “Friends” Promo Tour
Kuala Lumpur, 27th November 2013- A few days ago, 倪安东  has come over to Malaysia to promote his latest album “Friends”. One of the stop whereby he has appeared was at Sunway Pyramid. Prior to the autograph session, there was a media press conference and a fans gathering at Red Box Karaoke, Sunway Pyramid.

倪安东 “Friends”Press Conference Session
Date: 22th November 2013 (Friday)
Venue:  Red Box Karaoke, Sunway Pyramid
Time: 5.30pm

倪安东 has appeared and greeted the media members right on time at 5.30pm in Red Box Karaoke. Immediately after he has entered into the room, he has posed for the media members who wanted to capture his photographs.

During the press conference, some of the questions asked and answered were as follow:

About his latest album “Friends” : He has shared about his opinions and the stories behind the album.
This is his third album and he said that it was different from his previous albums because it has involved the collaboration with his fans! The album has also recorded songs which are based on his real stories and emotions. It is something like a documentary of his true stories.

About his upcoming plan, whether he has any plans in acting: He said that he will try to make sure he enjoys things that he is doing and he will never stop singing because music is still his passion. In the aspect of acting, he jokingly said that he would be interested to take part in action movie such as “Ip-Man” and etc.

About food in Malaysia: He said that he would like to try out Kaya Butter. He ate the Kaya Butter Waffle before and he said he loved it very much.

About his relationship: Recently, he has revealed about his relationship. Thus, many questions asked by the media members of the floor were focused on his relationship, he has answered every question patiently. He said that he will try his best to become a 100% boyfriend. He said that, before he goes on stage for performance, he would inform his girlfriend to let her know what he is doing and etc. It seems like he’s really a caring and good boyfriend.

That’s the end for the press conference.

Anyway, million thanks to HIM Music & Red Box for bringing Anthony to Malaysia.

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Photo Credits: WLJack & Zhi Chao
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