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Friday, 22 November 2013

[Performing Arts] A grand production with cost of approximately RM 500,000,《花啦啦歌舞团》!

A grand production with cost of approximately RM 500,000,《花啦啦歌舞团》!
Premiere Show Has Amazed The Audience!

《花啦啦歌舞团》, “The Singing Market” Musical Show is a production with the cost of approximately RM 500,000!  The show has featured a lot of glittering costumes, scenic backdrop as well as a lot of classical songs such as 〈不了情〉、〈我要你的爱〉、〈难忘的初恋情人〉、〈掌声响起〉、〈往事只能回味〉! All of these have provided a great enjoyment to the audience! The premiere show has totally amazed the audience and it can be evidenced by the great round of applause from the members of the floor. Now, only the last show left, it’s on this upcoming Sunday 24th November 2013. Do check out the show while you still can!

友弟 and理强 performance in the show!
Inside the stage performance, 友弟 plays the role as the noodle hawker who can speak a very fluent Hakka dialect. She also needs to perform a shampoo bathing dance. This stage play is a new attempt for her and she hopes that the audience will enjoy it. On the other hand, 理强 plays the role of 费强 which is a singer of romantic songs and he has the opportunity to conduct a concert in the show. He said that, although he can’t become a singer with his own singles release in real life, being able to participate in the show is somewhat “dream came true” for his dream to become a singer.

Artistes’ Full Effort in Preparing This Show!
《花啦啦歌舞团》is a musical show by an all-new casts in KLPac for a total of 8days. Everyone has put in a lot of efforts and they have taken more than a few weeks in practicing prior to the real show. Every artistes’ were needed to change at least 2 different costumes during the show. Most of them have practiced changing their costumes a lot of times because they were afraid of making mistakes during the real show. All of their efforts can definitely be seen via the shows!

《文成公主》at Korea 2 weeks prior To 《花啦啦歌舞团》!
Some Artistes have to prepare themselves for the alternating shows!
2 weeks Prior to《花啦啦歌舞团》,《文成公主》musical was invited to South Korea for a performance. Some artistes such as友弟,理强, 沈诗芳, 罗志良 have their own roles inside that musical as well. Thus, after their show in Korea, they have to mentally prepare themselves for 《花啦啦歌舞团》 show whereby most of them have taken a new challenging role respectively.

《花啦啦歌舞团》was already shown in KLPAC Pentas1 from 15th November 2013 onwards. The tickets price was RM63, RM83, RM123, RM183, RM253.
The last show is on this upcoming Sunday 24th November 2013

For more info, please call 03-22762077 or 018-2666900,
Or you can visit: www.asiamusicalproductions.com

The guests who have appeared during the premiere show included:
黎升铭,王雪晶,饶燕婷,赵洁莹,颜慧萍,Zen俊倩, Ellisan, mandy陈诗莹,翁诗传,Mayjune,蒋珮珮,Dennis小丹,Victor 李俊洁,Willliam李威延,林家冰.

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