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Sunday, 17 November 2013

[Local Entertainment]《欢喜来卡拉》17th November 2013 Finale

[Local Entertainment]《欢喜来卡拉》17th November 2013 Finale

The awesome contestants for 《欢喜来卡拉》 this year!

Kuala Lumpur, 17th November 2013 – This year marked the 6th season of Hokkien Singing Competition《欢喜来卡拉》. Tonight (17th November 2013) will be the finale of this grand Hokkien singing competiton. For those who can’t make it to the venue itself, you can watch the finale LIVE broadcast via Astro欢喜台(第333频道), Astro欢喜台HD(第332频道)&  Astro On-the-Go.

《欢喜来卡拉》finale Hosts Emcess include 菲比, Jentzen林震前, 黄毓敏, 陈雪芬&郭小溦. After a round of competitive semi-finals, the top 10 finalists were finally born! During the first round of the finale tonight, the contestants will be performing a song of their own choice and a song which was chosen by the judge. The second round would be the “学长姐抢分PK赛”, whereby the finalists from the previous seasons will be competing with the contestants of the current season. This is to allow the contestants this year to gain more experience and also to test their psychological endurance.

The emcee hosts for 《欢喜来卡拉》 finale!

The most anticipated moment tonight would be the Top 3终极考验”whereby the final three contestants will be singing different styles of songs such as rock and roll style, jazz and etc. Who will be the winner this year? Let’s find out tonight via Astro欢喜台 & Astro欢喜台HD

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