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[Entertainment] 和田裕美 Hiromi Wada’s Pre-Wedding Photo Shooting At The Queen by Korea Artiz Studio

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[Entertainment] Hiromi Wada’s Pre-Wedding Photo Shooting At The Queen by Korea Artiz Studio

Kuala Lumpur, 11th November 2013 – Hiromi Wada 和田裕, a Japanese-Chinese Mixed Hong Kong celebrity has come over to Malaysia for a Pre-wedding photo shooting at The Queen by Korea Artiz Studio. She will be getting married on 15th December this year.

Anyway, just in case you do not know who is Hiromi Wada, she is one of the winner in Hong Kong 全港普通话歌唱大赛. She has also hosted TVB Japanese Travelling Documentary Programme 雪映移城. She has also taken part in many musical shows.

During the media interview, Hiromi has shared the story between her and her fiancé. They were really a sweet couple and it can be evidenced by Hiromi’s smile throughout her description of their love story. She used to think that her fiancé is not a romantic person. However, one day he asked her out for a date at the beach and has decorated a very beautiful “I LOVE YOU” pattern on the sandy beach with a heart-shaped glass in the middle. There was a ring inside the glass. It has melted her heart as her fiancé knelt down and proposed to her. She admitted that she has nodded her head even before her fiancé finished his proposal speech.

Hiromi has also described about her experience in Malaysia. She said that there were many nice delicacies in Malaysia and she can’t resist herself to try out all of the nice food here.
Apart from that, Hiromi’s fiancé was also present during the media interview. When he was asked about what did he like about Hiromi. He replied, “Her Beautiful appearance and Wisdom.” Then, Hiromi jokingly said, “Then I should have joined Miss Hong Kong Beauty Pageant.”

Anyway, top-notch photographer Joe Kim was in-charge of Hiromi’s pre-wedding photo shooting. All of the media members were given a chance to witness their photo shooting session at the very unique setting inside The Queen studio.

Hiromi and her fiancé have picked a few wedding attires. One of the sets of attire they chose is the one designed by famous Vera Wang.  Surely, the pre-wedding photos would be spectacular.

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