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Sunday, 10 November 2013

[Coverage] HARI Gwiyomi Meet-and-Greet In Sungei Wang, Kuala Lumpur

[Coverage] HARI Gwiyomi Meet-and-Greet In Sungei Wang, Kuala Lumpur

Just a few days ago, HARI, the original singer for the ever popular viral song Gwiyomi has met and greeted her fans in Malaysia. Our team has attended one of her promo tour session which was held in Sungei Wang, Kuala Lumpur.

Big Crowd Anticipated Hari’s appearance!

Before Hari has appeared on stage, the concourse area was already filled with fans who love Gwiyomi. Quite a lot of them have bought her album from the venue itself because they wanted to have an autograph opportunity with Hari.

Cuteness Overload with Gwiyomi!

Gwiyomi song was played quite a number of times pre-and-post event! There was one dance performance by RedMouse Dance Academy (Jinghan, Jasmine, Sonja, Carol) before Hari came on stage. The dance was complemented with Gwiyomi song as well! When Hari came on stage, the host emcee has asked her to demonstrate Gwiyomi dance gestures too! It was really cute!

In addition, Hari has even performed a seductive version of Gwiyomi. She also sang the song LIVE on stage!

When on stage, she also told the fans regarding her inspiration for Gwiyomi song. She has also introduced the Gwiyomi song producers who were present at the venue to the audience. Furthermore, Hari has also learnt a few Malay words such as “Terima Kasih” and “Jumpa Lagi” as a courtesy to get more connected to the fans here.

Games and Interaction Session With Fans! Even The Producers For Gwiyomi Went On Stage!

During the event, there was one session whereby a few lucky fans were chosen to go on stage for a close interaction with Hari. All of these chosen fans were required to perform Gwiyomi! Some of the fans were quite shy while some were sporting enough to demonstrate their own style of Gwiyomi!

The session was even more interesting as the producers for gwiyomi songs were asked to perform Gwiyomi dance too. They however, have shown the crowd a different version of gwiyomi which they claimed to be the “dirty” version. Well, the “dirty” version is really dirty literally as the original gwiyomi steps were replaced with nose-picking, rubbing armpits and etc. However, their spontaneity has earned the applause from the crowd!

All of the lucky fans were then given some prizes before they left the stage!

A Truly Heartwarming Autograph Session!
The autograph session has a very heartwarming scene. While patiently signing everyone’s album, Hari also allowed each and everyone of the fans to take a photo with her while on stage. This is really a sincere repay to her fans who love her viral-song, Gwiyomi!

Last but not least, some other lucky fans and winner from lucky draw also have the special photograph opportunity with Hari!

HARI’s Photograph With The Audience On The Floor!

Million thanks to  Warner Music Malaysia for bringing Hari to Malaysia!

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