Thursday, 19 September 2013

[Local Entertainment News] 张起政Invited to China Shàntóu For Performance! Met with Flood but Met with Helpful People!

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[Local Entertainment News] 张起政Invited to China Shàntóu For Performance
Met with Flood but Met with Helpful People

Kuala Lumpur, 19th September 2013 – With his mini album【尴尬】, 张起政 has managed to win “Best Mini Album” 《最佳迷你专辑》 during the awards shows of 2012年娱协奖and 2013 AIM 中文音乐颁奖典礼. Recently, China Shàntóu organizer has invited张起政 as the guest performer and judge panel for a singing contest.  This has also provided a chance for him to meet and greet with his fans in China Mainland.

From last year until now, 张起政 who has finally able to meet his fans in China has stated that, “The moment that I received the company notification to do a promo in China Mainland, I felt very happy and excited because it has been a long time since I last saw my fans in China. I always hope that I can go to China for a promo again.” 张起政 was arranged by the organizer to run a few autographs sessions and television & radio interview during the trip to China this time. Out of all these activities, the most memorable one was the one whereby he was invited to 【汕头第一网】 media website for an online chatting with fans. He managed to have a close interaction with fans via this way.  

However, this time he has also met with some obstacles during his trip. There was a typhoon during his journey.  He also never thought that he would be faced with a flood when he was on the way to a restaurant in China. There was one very kind pedestrian who saw张起政 being all wet from top to toe and having difficulty to walk in the water. So the kind man has offered张起政 a pair of rubber shoes to wear. This has saved张起政 from a lot of troubles.

In addition, the singing competition which was originally planned to be organized outdoor was also affected and shifted to indoor due to the flood. 张起政 has performed many new songs from his latest mini album as well as old songs which are from his previous group “Buddy” during his LIVE performance. His performance has given the fans from China some good memories.

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IMG_2: 张起政受邀到《汕头第一网》媒体与其余中国内地粉丝们线上聊天
IMG_3 : 张起政在歌唱比赛场地演绎《说爱了》
IMG_4: 张起政拜访当地电台并接受现场访问


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